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IPTV Smarters na Samsung e LG Smart TV

IPTV Smarters application has one of the tidiest, easiest IPTV interfaces making it pretty easy and delightful for end-users to search, find and play their desired IPTV content. Samsung and LG Smart TV are two of the common TVs available in most houses. If this application is available on your TV Content Store, it would be a great combination to run your IPTV content on.

Installing  IPTV Smarters Pro on Samsung Smart TV

  • Go to the Samsung Apps Store.
  • Download the IPTV Smarters Pro player.
  • Sign in through Samsung iCloud account to install the player.
  • After installation is finished, choose your region.
  • Now open the application on your device.

Installing  IPTV Smarters Pro on LG TV

  • Go to the LG store. (make sure to keep internet connection on)
  • Go to the search bar and enter IPTV Smarters Pro.
  • Install the app. (Let the installation finish)
  • Now your device is ready to use Serviço de IPTV.

How to use IPTV Smarter Pro

1-You might be prompted for TOS agreement. If you do, click accept.

2-It is also possible that you are also prompted to choose a method of playlist installation. XC API would be the preferred one.

Login interface for IPTV Smarters Pro application displayed against a purple gradient background. The screen prompts to 'ENTER YOUR LOGIN DETAILS' with fields for 'Any Name', 'Username', 'Password', and a URL placeholder. Below the login fields, there are two buttons: 'CONNECT VPN' and 'LIST USERS', and a larger 'ADD USER' button at the bottom. The IPTV Smarters Pro logo is visible in the top left corner.

3-And here we have the well-know Xtream Codes API login page.

If the M3U url you have received from your IPTV provider is this:

Then it should break into the following details if we want to put it into the login page above

Playlist Name: Name it anything you like

Username: according to the above url it should be user1

Password: according to the above url it should be pass1

Server/URL:port : according to the above url it should be

Note: above m3u url was just an example, do not use it.

4-Allow the app to pull contents from the IPTV Provider’s server(s)

User profile interface from the IPTV Smarters app on a blue radial gradient background. It displays a user named 'JusteNom' with a default avatar silhouette, port number '25443', and a placeholder URL next to the text 'Utilisateur: votre nom'. The top of the interface reads 'LISTE DES UTILISATEURS' with a '+' sign and 'AJOUTER UTILISATEUR', indicating options to view and add users. A speech bubble with 'cliquer ici' points to the user profile. Text at the bottom states, 'By using this application, you agree to the Terms of Services.

5-Playlist is now fetched and you can click on it

6-You can set a password for the application

Screenshot of the IPTV Smarters Pro interface with options for LIVE TV, MOVIES, and SERIES displayed on colorful, vibrant tiles. Each tile shows a 'Last updated' timestamp, with LIVE TV updated 3 seconds ago, MOVIES and SERIES each updated 1 second ago. Additional features like 'LIVE WITH EPG', 'MULTI-SCREEN', and 'CATCH UP' are highlighted at the bottom. The bottom left corner shows 'Expiration: Unlimited', the bottom center states 'Buy Premium Version', and the bottom right corner indicates 'Logged in: demo'. The time '04:06 PM' and date 'June 30,2021' are displayed at the top.

7-Enjoy watching your content.

Surely, you will get a different experience than watching traditional satellite TV content . You will have more options to watch and the best thing, you will have freedom and flexibility that you lack in the case of traditional TV. 

The process is quite simple and easy, just follow the steps given above and bring the new world of entertainment to your home. 

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