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Configuração de IPTV na Smart TV via STB inteligente: o melhor guia passo a passo em 2024

Configuração de IPTV na Smart TV via Smart STB

Smart STB stands as a versatile application for various Smart TVs, including Samsung, LG, and Philips, and emulates the MAG set-top box setup, allowing users to experience IPTV services with a rich array of features expected from traditional television services. The application is readily available across a broad spectrum of app markets, such as Google Play and the Samsung Tizen store, demonstrating its wide compatibility and ease of access for different devices.

When it comes to initiating Smart STB, the process begins with a trial period, which users can activate after installing the app on their Smart TV. By navigating to the settings menu and selecting ‘Device Info,’ customers can locate their Software MAC Address, necessary for activation on Smart STB’s website, and the Virtual MAC Address, which is crucial for activating IPTV services through their provider. Following registration and activation on Smart STB’s website, users can embark on their free 7-day trial, and upon subscription, seamlessly transition to various paid licenses that offer monthly or even lifetime access.

Adjusting or Inserting a Portal Address on a Smart STB

Inputting Portal Directly via the Application

When the “Loading Portal” prompt appears, press the enter key. Proceed to Smart STB Settings and select Portal. Here, you should name your main portal in the Name 1 field and input the Portal URL provided by your IPTV service into the URL 1 field. Confirm the details by pressing the Save button and select Restart Portal to apply the changes. This allows the IPTV service content to appear upon starting the Smart STB app.

Registering Portal on the Smart-STB Site

For portal registration on the provider’s website, navigate to the MY LICENSE section, followed by Active. Here you can click on Change Portal URL toward the bottom of the page. Enter the new portal URL given by your IPTV provider to update the address associated with your Virtual MAC.

Smart STB App Capabilities

  • Live TV and video-on-demand categorized for ease of navigation
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to view programming schedules
  • Integration of Program Icons (Picons) for a visual guide to your channels
  • Efficient streaming of channels through quick buffering

With these features and straightforward portal management, users can ensure their Smart STB app is up-to-date with the latest content from their IPTV provider.

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